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The Power of nature in every drop

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Experience Natures
Sacred Plant

A biblical plant mentioned in the Old Testament, one of the first mystical aromas of
 ancient times. Modern studies have shown why it was idolized in ancient times and was
 considered a sacred plant.

"Rock Rose" Face Oil

Fragrant. rejuvenates and renews the skin, prevents aging by protecting cells from free radicals. Removes wrinkles, read more

"Rock Rose" Body Oil

A unique "Rock Rose" oil contains a wide range of biologically active compounds rejuvenating, tightening and read more

"Rock Rose" Hair Oil

Disinfecting, antimicrobial, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, underlie the "Rock Rose" hair oil, read more

Learn More About The "Rock Rose" Plant

The mystical plant of ancient times, with its unique properties and amazing smell.
 Join us in the rediscover of the  P H E O N I X     F L O W E R

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