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Our Founders

"All need beauty, where nature may heal and give strength - to body and soul" - John Muir

In 1995, my mother fell in love with natural healing methods. Using her Ph.D in Organic Chemistry she perfected the art of making oils and teas, to sooth the body and skin.
Using my expertise in environmental and natural resource management, we turned our little kitchen-brewing lab, into a complete complex in par with world standards.
Together, we are proud to bring you the only beauty products you will ever need.

Our Story

Aroma Valley
A family business emerged from small beginnings of a home kitchen to the lush fields of Portugal, our herbs are grown at the ever green valleys of the Castelo Branco district.
The leafs and oils produced create an unforgettable aroma, securing our vision of top quality products.
Production and growth is closely supervised by our consultant and founder, Valentina Levinsky, Ph.D in Organic Chemistry (Master of Forest Chemistry and Natural Compounds).  

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Our mission

"Strive for perfection, in everything you do" - Churchill

Aroma Valley made its mission to provide top quality natural products. Every oil and tea is made and packaged with the utmost attention to detail it deserves.
We dedicate ourselves to create the perfect user experience with emphasis on health, aroma and taste.
Aroma Valley strives for perfection and innovation.   

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Strengthens and Nourishes

Will saturate the skin and hair with vitamins and medicinal substances, which are incredibly healing and  the delicate warm and natural aroma of the Rock Rose oil makes the procedure incredibly pleasant

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Shines and Restores

Will strengthen, nourish and restore hair follicles and help with other problems of the scalp. Will help regenerate dyed, damaged and brittle hairs and will return shine, elasticity, and health to the hair.


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