"Rock Rose"


 C I S T U S   -   T H E   P H O E N I X   F L O W E R

"If nothing else can save the world, the last chance for salvation will be Cistus."




Cistus is a biblical plant mentioned in the Old Testament, one of the first mystical aromas of ancient times. Modern studies have shown why it was idolized in ancient times and was considered a sacred plant. The composition of the plant, its resin and the essential oil obtained from it have a large range of cosmetic, hygienic and therapeutic properties. For the amazing healing power of cistus, the scientific association "Herba Historica" awarded it the title "Planta Europa" (a plant of importance to Europe).

Nowadays cistus is preserved in nature only on remote pastures and in hard-to-reach sparsely populated areas with a hot climate. Almost forgotten plant attracted the attention of German scientists. Not so long ago a number of European studies showed that the complex of polyphenols contained in the plant acts as a trap for viruses and infections. Polyphenol molecules, encountering an alien bacterium on their way, envelop and destroy it, preventing them from multiplying and harming the human body.